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Premium Bird Treats


We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of ePETstore, because we LOVE animals and we sell PREMIUM products to help your pets look their best, feel their best and to be their best, on the inside as well as the outside.


Yes, we know, it’s awesome and that’s just how we roll. That is also why we stock top-tier bird treats to help keep your parrots, wild birds, garden birds, small birds, medium birds, large birds and senior birds happy and healthy; AND a snack now and again never hurt anyone — are we right? We are!


The nitty-gritty and the boring, yet vital deets — our range of bird treats flaunt brands like Versele-Laga, Westermans and more. We stock anything and everything from unshelled peanuts, to shelled peanuts, mealworms to assorted fruit, suet balls to suet bars, mini suet to large suet, suet with mealworms, suet without mealworms, seed bells as singles and seed bells in a box. YES, we stock it all and your bird/s can have it all!


Remember, bird snacks are fabulous for their mental health, and suet goes a long way to provide wild birds with the energy they need after using your garden as the ultimate pit stop during colder months, or during colder weather.


So go ahead and welcome premium bird treats into your home and their life; and shop online with us.  


Ok, enough about who we are and what we stock. Let’s see the top questions our customer care team got asked this year:


What can I give my bird as a treat?

If at home and you have the time, give them mango, pomegranate, bananas, cantaloupe, or apples. If at home/ at work and you have absolutely no time, treat them to our range of lekker bird snacks.


What do premium bird treats cost?

Contrary to popular belief, premium bird treats don’t cost the same as a suite over at the Burj Khalifa hotel in Dubai. Thanks to ePETstore’s array of brands, you’re bound to find a brilliant bag to suit your budget.


Why shop bird treats online with ePETstore?

ePETstore goes to GREAT lengths to procure the finest and most beloved bird treats around the globe (you know it — the best both locally AND internationally), because that’s just how we roll. By shopping online with us, you of course also skip ALL those dreaded queues, crowds and traffic too, since we deliver right to your door anywhere in South Africa — be it Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane or Richard's Bay.