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Hi there, bird-moms and dads. Remember, just like with us humans, food alone isn’t enough to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. That’s a major reason why ePETstore boasts an extensive range of PREMIUM bird health and wellness products, to help your feathered-children look and feel GREAT on the outside and on the inside, as well as to protect them from potential disease, deficiencies and infections. 


Besides, a little extra never hurt anybody, right?


Let’s talk about wound antiseptics, sprays and ointments. Providing your bird with an effective germ-killing product to effectively disinfect physical ouchies is how one goes on to win bird pet-parent of the year. 


Of course, infections aside, disease and deficiencies are also a big threat, so help keep these at bay with ePETstore’s range of bird supplements and probiotic powder.


Go ahead and browse ePETstore’s range of bird health and wellness products today! First, let’s have a quick look at popular questions Google, as well as those our ePETstore customer care team supreme gets asked on the daily:


What are symptoms of illness in birds?

Some signs of illness in birds (but PLEASE go to your avian vet whenever in doubt) are increased sneezing, increased 'yawning' or stretching open the beak, coughing, vomiting, reduced appetite, reduced interaction with you (the pet-parent / owner), reduced vocalisation and/or a change in their voice.


What vitamins do my birds need?

Vitamins your birds need include vitamin A, E, D3, and B-complex. Vitamin A is considered an important skin vitamin that helps with the eye, feather, reproductive health, as well as with their immune system. ALWAYS check with your vet in regards to what is BEST for your bird’s wellbeing though.  


Do parrots need supplements?

Parrots don't need supplements if fed a premium and nutritionally balanced parrot diet. Of course, feeding them a variety of foods also provides environmental enrichment and mental stimulation, NOT just a happy and healthy tummy and parrot.


Why shop bird health and wellness products online with ePETstore?

ePETstore goes to GREAT lengths to procure the finest and most beloved bird health and wellness products around the globe (you know it — the best both locally AND internationally), because that’s just how we roll. We stock brands like Anima-Strath, Effivet, F10, Kyron, Leucillin AND MORE. By shopping online with us, you of course also skip ALL those dreaded queues, crowds and traffic too, since we deliver right to your door anywhere in South Africa — be it Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane or Richard's Bay.