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Fish Health & Wellness

Fish Health & Wellness

Aquariums, ponds and fish tanks look incredibly beautiful and tranquil, and you may love to show them off as elegant features of your home. However, maintaining these features does take a bit of effort as you want to prevent any fish disease, fungus or bacteria from developing. These things happen for a multitude of reasons, including your fish having pre-existing infections, poor water quality or decomposing matter that has mixed with your water. 

Whatever the case is, be sure to keep your fin-tailed friends’ happy and healthy with a parasite and fungus treatment. The Eradick Anti-parasite and Fungus Treatment for Fish is super easy to use. It acts as a preventative treatment that runs for 5 days and is great for when you’re introducing new fish to your tank or pond. 

Beyond the treatment of parasite infections, this fin-tastic remedy is also used to aid fungal infections, which you can apply directly to leeches and lice too. Not to be Koi, but ePETstore also has several wonderful Koi fish fungal treatments and remedies, including the FMG Mixture Anti-parasite & Fungus Treatment for Koi. Suitable for Koi fish ONLY, this super treatment should be used when your fish are displaying any symptoms, such as having white spots over their body, flicking and rubbing, and gasping at the surface.


How do I know if my fish is healthy?

You know your fish are healthy when they have a great appetite, an alert demeanour, their eyes are bright and clear and their skin is free from any fungus or spots. If you notice any stringy faeces, blood or if they’re swimming in odd patterns without any real direction (they’re crashing into the bottom of the tank or pond, rubbing themselves against the rocks, etc.), then this is cause for concern and you may need to seek medical attention. 


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