Bird Accessories


Every bird and bird cage deserves a bunch of toys! Because truth be told, bird toys go a long way in helping ensure your pet bird is mentally, emotionally and physically content. 


That’s why ePETstore stocks an array of colourful bird toys, like ladders to ropes to gnaw toys to swings to mirrors to perches for them to enjoy. We also stock products to help keep those beaks on fleek. 


If you’re not a bird-parent to a feathered-pet living in your home, then not to worry, because we stock products for all the garden / wild birds to enjoy too! From hanging seed feeders to heart-shaped seed feeders to house-shaped seed feeders, for suet to seeds, for them to love.


We also stock imPECKable (get it) bird bowls for their water and food, as well as to help keep those cages neat and tidy. So go ahead and browse our exceptional range of bird accessories today. BUT first, let’s see what our customer care team supreme gets asked on the daily:


What should I buy for my parrot?

Parrots need food (a formulated diet), a cage, a perch or two, water and food bowls, cage liners, a place to hide, and toys. Your parrot should have an area where they can sunbathe.


What can I do to keep my parrot happy?

Keep curtains open, so your parrot can enjoy the view. On nice days, you can place them outside in their cage. Remember if your bird is kept inside, an ultraviolet light should be provided to ensure Polly gets sufficient Vitamin D.


It’s also vital to remember many birds are SUPER sociable. If birds are naturally flock birds, it’s important that they are kept in pairs, e.g. the Parakeets, to ensure they can have companionship they naturally crave from other birds. Parrots are highly vocal and social creatures, in the wild some parrots live in large groups, such as the African Greys, so these birds enjoy communicating to inform others where they are and what they are up to.


AND parrots need lots of attention, whether it’s other birds or human interaction – they need companionship. Be sure to provide them with loads of love and chatter.


Why shop bird accessories online with ePETstore?

ePETstore goes to GREAT lengths to procure the finest and most beloved bird accessories around the globe (you know it — the best both locally AND internationally), because that’s just how we roll. By shopping online with us, you of course also skip ALL those dreaded queues, crowds and traffic too, since we deliver right to your door anywhere in South Africa — be it Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane or Richard's Bay.