Dog Products

As someone who loves dogs, you know that they’d do anything for you—and you’d do the same for them. It’s therefore only natural to want to buy them the healthiest dog food, most delicious treats, comfiest beds and the best toys. At ePETstore, we only stock the best of the best for your canine friend, catering to each stage of their lives. From young puppies to wise, old senior dogs, we cater to ALL your dog’s needs. 

Dog Food & Treats

At ePETstore, we know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we stock premium diets that cater to your pooch’s specific requirements. With brands such as Hill’s, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Montego, Acana, Orijen, Ultra Dog and MUCH more, rest assured that you’re stocking up on the most quality food and treats. 

Dog Bowls & Accessories

Allow your pooch to eat and drink in style with our super wide selection of dog bowls and drinking fountains. ePETstore has super fun feed bowls that will slow down your gobbling hound  as well as anti-damage, anti-ant stainless steel bowls that are durable and stylish. Worried about empty water bowls? Invest in a drinking fountain and never let your dog’s throat go dry again. 

Dog Grooming

Whether your dog resembles more of a mop or a naked mole rat, we’ve got grooming accessories that will keep your pooch furbulous and healthy. It’s not just about looks though. Grooming is essential for keeping your pooch in tip top shape—from trim nails to clear skin, eyes and ears, we’ve got it all.

Dog Health & Wellness

You want your doggo to be as healthy as ever, which is why we stock a super selection of treatments and preventatives for worms, ticks and fleas, stress and anxiety and so much more. We also have a range of vitamins and supplements as well as health care products that take care of all areas of your pooch’s furry little body—from the tip of their tail to the top of their nose. 

Dog Cleaning & Poop Control

Your cute little dog has a lot of not-so-cute things coming out of its body, and it’s up to YOU to get rid of those icky stickies (we’re sure if they had thumbs, they’d do it themselves). Whether you need a poop scoop, poop bag, doggie diaper or just something to clear the air, ePETstore has everything you need to keep your house, yard, patio and apartment fresh and clean. 

Dog Toys

Every dog needs a super fun toy that is tough, durable, high-quality and, of course, OUTRAGEOUSLY FUN. Not only that, but your doggo needs a toy to keep them physically active as well as mentally stimulated. That’s why ePETstore stocks all kinds of toys that will allow your dog to chew, fetch, chase, tug, bounce and puzzle over. 

Dog Harnesses, Collars, Leads & ID Tags

Whether you’re looking for a harness that will support your pooch during walks and travel, a retractable lead that will let them explore or a cute ID tag that will tell the world that they’re YOURS and yours only. ePETstore has plain, stylish, colourful, retractable and reflective dog-walking essentials that will keep you both on the go. 

Dog Behaviour & Training

At ePETstore, we firmly believe that there’s NO such thing as a “bad dog”. However, there are some unwanted behaviours that you may want to deter (and furniture you want to save). So, what’s a hooman to do? Well, you could start by checking out our pawsome selection of dog behaviour and training essentials. We have everything from training pads for the oopsie-poopsies, clickers for training as well as treats and rewards.  

Dog Beds & Home Essentials 

Whether you’ve got a brand-new puppy or dog as old as the furniture, every pooch needs a comfy bed to sleep on with a warm and toasty blanket. ePETstore also stocks doggie doors, dog drying towels as well as home accessories that will keep your garden safe from your adorable friend’s curious little paws.  

Dog Travel & Safety

At ePETstore, we know how much you LOVE your dogs, which is why we want to help you keep them as safe as possible when travelling. Whether you’re driving to the vet or flying overseas, we’ve got everything you need to keep your pooch secure throughout the entire journey. 

Dog Clothing & Accessories

Dog clothing? CUTE, but also essential for smaller doggies and pooches who are a bit hairless and prone to getting chilly in cold weather. From warm puffer jackets, adorable PJs and unicorn hoodies, we’ve got stylish dog clothing that will allow your pooch to happily endure that cold winter weather.