Veterinary Diets for Dogs Available Online

ePETstore is an online store that stocks a massive variety of top-tier pet products, as well as local and international brands. We stock everything from dry dog food to airline-approved crates, but what makes ePETstore truly amazing is that it’s the ONLY online store allowed to sell Royal Canin veterinary prescription dog food, also known as therapeutic dog diets.


So if your dog’s skin, coat, tummies or teeth need a dash of extra care as the vet prescribed, then go ahead and welcome quality prescription dry dog food and/or therapeutic wet dog food into your home and shop online with us. Our Royal Canin therapeutic range is wide enough to cater for dogs with heart, stomach, dental, diabetic, digestive, liver and/or kidney issues.


What is therapeutic dog food?

It’s a pet diet specifically formulated to meet specific needs of your pet. They are vet-recommended and cannot be bought without a vet prescription or online, EXCEPT for when it comes to ePETstore. You still need a vet prescription, but you can buy your pet’s special food online with us and have it delivered to your door.


Do you stock prescription dog food for skin allergies?

Absolutely! Of course, due to high demand and/or protests in the country, there may be a time stock is limited or entirely unavailable; but we pride ourselves in our incredible stock-taking abilities and doing the best we can during political unrest to ensure we do have the dog food you need in stock, on our shelves and available.


Are Royal Canin Veterinary Diets worth the money?

YES! This range caters for pets with issues and pets with LOADS of issues be it puppies to adult dogs, to tackle anything and everything from allergies to sensitive tummies, aching joints to aching kidneys, recovery issues to cardiac issues, dental to diabetic, overweight pets to convalescent pets AND MORE. These diets are also super tasty, nutritious and entices picky, difficult and non-interest eaters to eat as well.


How can I buy a vet diet on ePETstore?

Get your script from the vet, submit it to ePETstore via email or MMS and shop shop shop with absolute ease!


Why shop online with ePETstore?

By shopping online with us, you skip ALL those dreaded queues on your way to the till and all that awful traffic on your way to the mall, since ePETstore is ONLINE and we deliver right to your door anywhere in South Africa — be it Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Kimberly, Nelspruit or Polokwane.