Premium Wet Dog Food 

ePETstore is an online store that stocks top-tier wet dog food brands like Hill’s, Royal Canin, Montego, Weruva and many MANY many many more!


We also stock cans, pouches and tubs filled with either tender pieces of meat cooked in its own juices to mouth-watering mousses. You can buy in bulk or simply buy a single, whichever your need, we’ve got you covered. Teensy-weensy pup in the house? Shop our selection of babydog milk jam-packed with all those dog mommy nutritious goodness. Golden oldie missing a tooth or two, or simply have a fussy eater on your hands? Then be sure to browse and shop our wholesome selection.


Go ahead and welcome quality wet dog food into your home. Your dog deserves it and besides,  as mentioned above, our range is wide enough to cater for dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and personalities too.


Wet food specials?

Great question, and yes, we make a habit of regularly selling premium wet dog food on special or running pretty schweet promos! So be sure to always keep an eye for all those must-participate-in developments on our site.


Do you stock local wet dog food brands?

ePETstore most certainly stocks local and proudly South African dog food brands, made especially for South African dogs. Have an exotic poodle at home? Then shop local to help the South African economy thrive.


Do you stock international wet dog food brands?

ePETstore makes 100% sure those wet dog food brands you love and trust are always on our shelves.


What does premium wet dog food cost?

Contrary to popular belief, premium wet food doesn't cost the same as a yacht. Thanks to ePETstore’s array of brands, you’re bound to find one that suits your budget.


Why shop wet dog food online with ePETstore?

As you know, ePETstore goes to super GREAT lengths to procure the finest and most beloved pet products around the globe (you know it — the best both locally AND internationally), because that’s just how we roll. MEANING some of the brands we stock are simply not available in certain supermarkets. We pride ourselves in stocking legit and exclusive brands. Of course it also goes without saying, by shopping online with us, you of course also skip ALL those dreaded queues and traffic, since we deliver right to your door anywhere in South Africa — be it Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Kimberly, Nelspruit or Polokwane.