Bird Products

ePETstore boasts an im-peck-able range of products for your feathered friends. Whether you’re looking for bird accessories, food, wellness, nesting, litter and treats, we’ve got loads of essentials you’ll be Raven about.  

Bird Accessories

The truth is, birds are therapeutic and very good for our mental and emotional health, which is why they deserve something in return, such as a fabulous toy to shake their tail feathers to. Check out our selection of ladders, ropes, swings and mirrors to enjoy—they’re on fleek.

If you don’t have a bird friend of your own, then you’ll be thrilled to know we stock beautiful hanging seed feeders for the wild and garden birds to hang around. We’ve also got bird bowls for their food and water cage to keep their tummies full and their bodies hydrated. 

Bird Food

Just like dogs, cats and small pets, birds need high-quality, premium food to help them look and feel great on the inside and the outside. ePETstore stocks a range of vet-recommended bird food for parrots, garden birds, wild birds, senior birds, small birds, medium birds and large birds to plunge their beaks into. 

Bird Health & Wellness

Premium food is GREAT, but it’s not enough to keep your birdies in tip-top shape. Be sure to gander at our selection of wound antiseptics, sprays and ointments and stock up in case of emergencies. That way, you can ensure the title of best bird-mom or bird-dad of the year is yours. 

Bird Nesting & Litter

Your bird needs a comfortable place to snooze and do some paperwork (that’s poop). That’s why we have a whole range of awesome plant-based bedding that’s suitable for all types of birds and small pets. The best part? It’s hygienic and dust-free, which helps keep your chick’s respiratory organs in check. 

Bird Treats

ePETstore only stocks up on top-tier bird treats for your feathered friends. Our snack range is healthy and premium, and we sell everything from unshelled and shelled peanuts to mealworms, assorted fruit and suet bird treats.

Why shop for birds at ePETstore?

Shopping with us means you’ll be able to skip the queues. As an added bonus, we also deliver straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa—whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or Polokwane or Richard’s Bay.

Live near Joburg? We also do click n collect, so drop by Northriding after tapping ‘done’ and come and fetch your goodies!