Anxitane Calming Tablets for Dogs & Cats

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Let your pet tackle life as cool as a cucumber with Anxitane Pet Calming Tablets from Virbac.
These tablets taste great, making them easy to administer and even ideal as rewards. They don’t cause drowsiness, in fact, they actually help increase mental focus AND are just fab during stressful situations.

  • Great-tasting chewable tablets
  • Extremely easy administration and can even be given as a reward
  • Contains green tea that harnesses the power of L-theanine to help calm stressed pets
  • Helps increased mental focus, which supports learning abilities
  • No drowsiness
  • Helps calm your dog or cat during stressful situations like fireworks, thunderstorms, ageing, trips to vet, change in their environment, introduction to new pets and more

30 tablets per box

CAT Anxitane SMALL ½ tablet once daily
DOGS (less than 10 KG) Anxitane SMALL ½ tablet twice daily
DOGS (10 – 25 KG) Anxitane MEDIUM / LARGE ½ tablet twice daily
DOGS (more than 25 KG) Anxitane MEDIUM / LARGE 1 tablet twice daily


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