Let us remember that being eco-friendly is about more than separating our garbage, it’s about living a sustainable lifestyle.

In the inspirational words of Sharad Sagar “the world will become only as great a place to live in, as we make it” - so let’s clean up our act (literally) and shop green where we can.

Here are a few awesome eco-friendly pet products to get you started:



Protect your pet’s coat, skin and the environment with TropiClean Pet Shampoos. These green bottles of joy are made from 50% recycled material; and the shampoo is made from quality ingredients that are 70% organic that smell oh so fresh. To top it all off - this product is an absolute winner at grooming time, as your pet’s spot-on flea treatments won’t be washed away with the dirt and bubbles.



BECO Dog Bowls: These natural bamboo plant fibre bowls are durable, long-lasting, functional, eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, awesome and available in 4 different colours. They are sustainable to produce, and biodegradable as waste. No more filling up landfills on your conscience! 

BECO Cat Bowls: Sensitive whiskers can relax during meal time with this eco-friendly cat bowl’s lower rim. Made from bamboo and rice husk, these bowls are toxin-free and also dishwasher safe. And in case you didn’t know - according to Beco Pets, this bowl has sold over 250,000 worldwide to date and has been awarded prizes for it's design in the UK. BOOM - hooray all the way for planet-friendly products!

BECO Silicone Can Covers: Easy to clean, locks in flavour, fits most cans, made from food-grade silicone and reusable, keeping food fresher for longer.

BECO Silicone Placemats: This anti-slip placemat is great to save time (because picking up kibbles one at a time is such a chore). It’s easy to wash, durable, non-toxic, stunning, vibrant, made from food-grade silicone and prevents your pet from messing OR chasing their bowl around the house during breakfast time, snack time and dinner time.

Even though silicone is NOT biodegradable, it is much more human, pet and ocean-friendly than plastic, non-toxic to our wildlife and soil, and can be recycled after a lifetime’s use at special locations, helping households drastically cut down on their plastic use and thus protecting the environment from more unwanted poisonous plastic trash. 



Eco-Friendly Poop Bag Dispenser: Made from unique plant fibre plastic, the Beco Pocket is sustainable and also degradable when finished. This egg-holder is made from bamboo and rice husk and is durable and long-lasting while in use.

Eco-Friendly Poop Bags: These poop bags make cleaning up after your best friend a breeze AND as eco-friendly as possible. The bags are made from degradable material and the inner rolls are made from recycled degradable cardboard too!

Eco-Friendly Litter Tray: Thanks to a glorious mix of bamboo and rice husk, your cat can answer the call of nature WITH nature. These trays are durable and long-lasting when in use, and fitted with sturdy clips.

Eco-Friendly Litter Scoops: These reliable poopie scoopies are made from bamboo and cornstarch, making them eco-friendly AND stronger than normal plastic scoops. Earth-friendly for the win!


The Ant-Beater Pet Bowl is made with bamboo, completely biodegradable, eco-friendly, easy to use, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, non-skid, non-toxic, successfully defeats an army of ants, proudly South African AND really works!



Let your cat feast on what’s inside, whilst you recycle what’s on the outside. This is a radiant gold recyclable tin filled with delicious wet cat food. Loved by cats, adored by nature. Enough said.



The super colourful and fragranced Soy Clump Cat Litter range is made from the soybean parts which is found in soymilk production. It’s eco-friendly, 100% safe, non-toxic, virtually 99.9% dust free, gentle on paws, non tracking, suitable for all cats, easy to flush, quick clumping and boasts odour control properties. This is a favourite in our house - we just LOVE it.



The Cat’s Best Cat Litter range is made from natural, organic, wood fibres. It’s 100% biodegradable, contains special odour blockers, great to flush OR dispose of in your garden waste (compostable), highly economical, boasts HIGH absorption power, is revolutionary and effective. It has a more natural feel and our planet will most certainly thank you.



Honour your pet’s life on earth with a living, earth-friendly tribute, with this 100% biodegradable Bio Tree Urn. This urn fertilizes the surrounding soil, making your pet’s ashes give life to the habitat around them. The Bio Tree Urn comes with 3 indigenous tree seeds, providing you with the joy of a beautiful plant in your garden, which is a living reminder of your pet’s life AND gives shade to other living creatures. And to do even more good - with each Bio Tree Urn purchase, important causes like the Rhino Force and Guide Dogs Association are helped.



These stunning Cat Scratchers provide your cat with an appropriate spot to sharpen their nails as well as a stylish spot for a quick (or long) cat nap. Made from corrugated cardboard, these scratchers are environmentally friendly AND easy to recycle. So when the playing gets tough, the planet won’t have to suffer.



EnviroFresh Odour Neutralizer is a strong bactericidal and fungicidal, but safe to use around pets, plants and the planet. You guessed it - it’s environmentally friendly and a great product to help protect both your human and fur family against unsanitary situations.

Comine du Toit
Animal lover and cat fanatic, Comine du Toit is a Freelance Copywriter at ePETstore in South Africa. She is a mom to a very energetic Sphynx, and the godmother to a clowder of cats, a kennel of dogs as well as a flock of geese. She's a firm believer that pets are family.
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