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Bring the outdoors indoors with these interactive, innovative and incredible Flopping Fish for cats (but toats enjoyed by dogs too) from ZaKatz.

Each fish flaunts 3 realistic flopping fish movements, a refillable catnip bag and is activated by touch to keep your cat entertained for hours on end.

What’s more, these life-size fish are made from soft material, meaning kitty can zealously sink in those fangs without damaging their teeth, gums or jaws during play.

  • Suitable for cats, and enjoyed by dogs too
  • Flaunts a motion activated sensor, when touched, the tail flap will cycle through its 3 very realistic fish flopping movement modes sequentially
  • Made from soft, padded fabric making it gentle on jaws, teeth and gums
  • Contains a porous refillable catnip bag to help entice your cat to touch this fabulous fish (and to then of course activate the motion sensor too
  • Rechargeable battery via a standard Micro USB cable and charger
  • Fully charged in one hour, one charge provides 150 movement cycles

Mackerel | Clownfish


  1. When charging your cat’s new best friend and toy using the micro USB cable, wait for the light to turn green before using. 
  2. To replace the catnip in the refillable catnip bag, pull apart the Velcro on the side of your cat’s flopping fish and insert the catnip bag into the pouch.
  3. NOTE please do not use loose catnip in the pouch as this may damage the mechanism.


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