Original Beyond 2000 Poop Scoop

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Effortlessly scoop poop without getting too close or your hands dirty with this multi-purpose poop scoop from Petworks. Simply grab any plastic bag with two handles from your kitchen cupboard, attach to the poop scoop with a knot, peg or rubber band; and relieve your garden from brown landmines and traps.

A design that will make the neighbours think you’re playing mini golf, this poop scoop is not only fantastic to preserve your dignity, but also to scoop fallen fruits on the grass, dirt from the garage or leaves in the pool.

  • For effortless, hands-free pick up
  • Made from easy to carry and clean, light plastic
  • Multi-purpose - great for scooping poop, dust, dirt and leaves


Use any plastic bag with handles, fasten the bag with a knot/peg/rubber band to the back of the scoop and you’re good to go.


  1. Use a broom instead of a spade to clean up dirt in the garage
  2. Use a net instead of plastic to scoop leaves from the pool

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