Octobungee Elastic Dog Lead

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The Octobungee Elastic Dog Lead can extend to a whopping 2.5m and has an adjustable angle of up to 270 degrees! This is exciting because now your dog can jump, jolt, jive and glide whilst you’re still keeping it stable and cool.

It boasts an ergonomic and comfortable grip and flaunts a sensational lime green colour. This elastic dog lead is suitable for energetic dogs up to 45kg and is also ideal for active jogs / runs.

  • Stretchable and shock absorbent elastic lead reduces jolting on the walker’s shoulder
  • Adjustable angle of up to 270 degrees for a comfortable arm postion
  • Leash extends up to 2,5m giving your adventurous pup more freedom
  • Great for active runs and jogs
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip
  • Suitable for dogs up to 45kg
  • Lime green colour

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