Royal Canin Renal Adult Wet Dog Food

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Tin contains 200gr.


RENAL is a complete dietetic feed for dogs formulated to support renal function in the case of chronic or temporary renal insufficiency, through its low level of phosphorus and high quality protein. EPA/DHA to help maintain a healthy digestive system. A low phosphorus intake is key to help support renal function in dogs with chronic renal insufficiency. Nutrients which support a balanced digestive system. A patented synergistic complex of antioxidants to help neutralise free radicals.


Protein: 7%
Fat content: 9.2%
Crude ash: 2.0%
Crude fibres: 0.5%
Moisture: 63%
Calcium: 0.25%
Phosphorus: 0.1%
Essential fatty acids: 3.6% including EPA/DHA: 0.5%
Vitamin D3: 285 IU/kg
E1 (Iron): 11 mg/kg
E2 (Iodine): 0.5 mg/kg
E4 (Copper): 2.7 mg/kg
E5 (Manganese): 3.3 mg/kg
E6 (Zinc): 33 mg/kg

Meat and animal derivatives (pork, poultry), cereals, oils and fats, eggs and egg derivatives, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin, yeasts, various sugars.


2 kg 150 g 120 g 90 g
5 kg 290 g 230 g 175 g
10 kg 480 g 385 g 290 g
15 kg 645 g 520 g 390 g
20 kg 800 g 640 g 480 g
25 kg 940 g 750 g 565 g
30 kg 1075 g 860 g 645 g
35 kg 1200 g 960 g 720 g
40 kg 1325 g 1060 g 795 g


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