Cat Beds

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The Deep Plush Donut Pet Bed is super stylish, magnificently modern pet bed for cats and s..
R575.00 Ex Tax: R500.00
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Provide your cat with the ultimate cat nook, napping centre, sleeping den and cat bed with..
R431.78 Ex Tax: R375.46
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Spoil your cat with this fantastic eco-fibre, environmentally friendly Bamboo Cat Pod &..
R1,350.01 Ex Tax: R1,173.92
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Every cat parent knows - cats LOVE to scratch and ADORE to nap. Why not provide them with ..
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You don’t need to sell all your furniture to prevent your cat from scratching. With ..
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The Easy Life Hammock Cat Scratcher is the best of both worlds! It’s a sturdy bed th..
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SUITABLE FOR CATS UP TO 10KG Spoil your cat with their own flying carpet and sunbed &nd..
R636.74 Ex Tax: R553.69
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This fabulous and extremely soft oval pet bed from Rosewood will have your pet as snug as ..
R499.99 Ex Tax: R434.77
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The Maui Felt Cat Nest Bed from M Pets is bound to spice up any boring living room floor, ..
R412.01 Ex Tax: R358.27
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Let your small dog or cat be as snug as a bug in a rug this winter with the Moon Dog Cushi..
R449.47 Ex Tax: R390.84
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The Moon Tipi from M Pets is an absolutely phenomenal 2-in-1 cat bed, since it can serve a..
R599.29 Ex Tax: R521.12
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Every cat parents knows - scratching is inevitable. Decorate your home and your cat’..
R302.63 Ex Tax: R263.16
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The Scruffs Ellen Donut Pet Bed is made with uber soft and super comfy faux fur to help ke..
R1,292.03 Ex Tax: R1,123.50
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Let your fabulous felines kick back and relax in superior style with the Scruffs TeePee Ca..
R802.13 Ex Tax: R697.50
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Every home, floor, dog and cat needs the Scruffs Thermal Box Bed in their living space thi..
R759.00 Ex Tax: R660.00
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Every South Africam knows, some winter nights can be absolutely brutal. But don’t le..
R603.75 Ex Tax: R525.00
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The Snake Suede Cat Bed is a fabulous cat bed, pod and nook for any fabulous feline to own..
R674.20 Ex Tax: R586.26
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The Snuggle Plush 2 in 1 Cat Bed is a great choice for summer snoozes, autumn naps, winter..
R525.00 Ex Tax: R456.52
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Joh, but this plush and lekker soft Tahiti pet bed from M Pets is a must for any home. ..
R708.40 Ex Tax: R616.00
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The Tweed Teddy Bear dog bed from Rosewood is an absolutely great mat for dogs, but of cou..
R660.00 Ex Tax: R573.91
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