Eco Bowl for Dogs and Cats

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Make your pet’s meal time earth-friendly with an Eco Bowl from Bestpetz. 

With a Non-skid silicone ring to prevent enthusiastic eaters from messing all over that washed floor, this pet bowl is also non-toxic, dishwasher safe, easy to clean and manufactured from natural bamboo composite fibre that is 100% biodegradable - you can just bury it in your garden when it’s done! WOW!

It’s a must have – your pet and the planet will thank you!

If you have an ant issue on your hands, why not invest in the Eco Anti-Ant Bowl? With the benefit of the standard Eco Bowl effortlessly fitting onto the Anti-Ant stand/base too, it makes for a great replacement when either bowl is in the dishwasher. It’s simply marvellous.

  • Non-skid silicone ring to prevent the bowl from sliding and spinning across the floor
  • Manufactured from natural eco-friendly bamboo composite fibre and rice husk by-product (that is also anti-bacterial)
  • BIODEGRADABLE – made from fully biodegradable human grade material that will decompose to compost if buried in the garden within a couple years – just WOW
  • Dishwasher safe, so uber easy to clean
  • Non-toxic, absolutely free from chemicals, plastics and metals
  • Over 3 years was spent in research and development to ensure that pets get the best in design and the earth gets the best in materials

500 ml Mini Bowl is ideal for kittens, cats and smaller dogs
Size of bowl – 102mm x 182mm

1000 ml Maxi Bowl is ideal for medium to large dogs.
Size of bowl – 142mm x 263mm

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