Eco Anti-Ant Bowl for Dogs and Cats

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Are ants taking over your home and partying it up in those pet bowls? So not cool! Stop the madness with this incredible Eco Anti-Ant Bowl for dogs and cats.

It’s eco-friendly, made from bamboo, completely biodegradable, easy to use (just add water to its base), easy to clean (dishwasher safe), non-skid, non-toxic, proudly South African AND really works! This pet bowl flaunts SO many earth-friendly benefit, that there’s simply just no reason not invest in this earth-friendly anti-ant bowl supreme that really works!

What about when these dishwasher bowls are indeed in said dishwasher? Great question! Invest in the standard Eco Bowl – as it’s half the price and effortlessly fits onto the Anti-Ant Eco Bowl’s stand/base too. 

Meaning it truly makes for the perfect replacement during those dishwashing sessions.

  • Extended height for a better eating posture
  • Anti-ant base unit that’s super easy to use (just add water)
  • Non-skid base (silicone ring), designed to prevent sliding - great for enthusiastic eaters
  • Super design, easy removal for refilling/cleaning
  • Non-toxic, absolutely free from chemicals, plastics and metals
  • BIODEGRADABLE – made from fully biodegradable human grade material that will decompose to compost if buried in the garden within a couple years – just WOW
  • Money saving, as NO ants means less food wastage
  • Manufactured from natural eco-friendly bamboo composite fibre and rice husk by-product (that is also anti-bacterial)
  • Over 3 years was spent in research and development to ensure that pets get the best in design and the earth gets the best in materials
  • Dishwasher safe

500 ml Mini Bowl is ideal for kittens, cats and smaller dogs
Size of bowl – 102mm x 182mm

1000 ml Maxi Bowl is ideal for medium to large dogs.
Size of bowl – 142mm x 263mm


  1. Remove the cream/beige bowl from the brown base
  2. Fill the brown base with water
  3. Replace the cream/beige bowl on top of the brown base
  4. Fill the cream/beige bowl with food or water 

Directions for use:

Remove cream bowl from brown base

Fill brown base with water

Replace bowl on top of base


Fill bowl with food or water 

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