Rubber Grooming Brush for Pets

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The Rubber Grooming Brush for Pets is a stunning deshedding and grooming tool to own that is suitable for ALL coat types from long to short, boasts a rubber hand grip for your hand to easily slip into to ensure for that more secure grooming feel, removes loose pet hair and massages your pets furry body too. 

This product is an absolute winner – since it is made from 100% rubber, you can pop it in the bath and give them the most superb shampoo scrub ever. DO NOT use on matted / tangled fur though.

  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Ideal for ALL coat types
  • Perfect for bath – and shampoo time
  • Easy to rinse clean, it’s 100% rubber! 
  • DO NOT use on matted / tangled fur 
  • Great to remove loose pet hair (and massage your pet when doing so)
  • Simulates coat’s natural oils for the ultimate shiny and healthy coat

13cm (L) x 8cm(W)

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