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Iams understands that our cats are carnivores, and carnivorous cats obviously LOVE meat. Truth be told - felines seldom bring turnips back from those dusk or dawn hunting expeditions. That’s why Iams uses high-quality animal proteins in their mouth-watering Iams cat food recipe, that’s essential for your cat to thrive. It’s jam-packed with advantageous nutrients to benefit your fabulous feline’s overall well-being too. Iams boasts a variety of dry cat food for all cats to indulge in. Be it kittens, adults, indoor cats, multicat homes or seniors. Iams’ premium dry cat food helps support their immune systems, help with hairball control, burn fat, maintain muscle tone, promote healthy digestion and specifically tailored for each life stage too. What’s more, Iams insists on rigorous inspection of their ingredients, with more than 120 quality assurance tests run on all Iams food. Formulated with antioxidants that help play a key role in minimizing damage to cells, to levels of moderately fermentable fiber needed to promote intestinal health, these beneficial bags of cat food are filled with highly palatable kibbles too! So save time and shop Iams Cat food online with us. ePETstore delivers right to your door anywhere in South Africa - be it Sandton or Kuruman.