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Iams understands that your cats are carnivores — that’s exactly why Iams uses high-quality animal protein in their mouth-watering cat food recipes to provide your meat-eating felines with all those vital nutrients they need to thrive! The Iams cat food range also boasts a variety of different dry cat food to benefit and cater for a variety of different cats, be it cat mommies and kittens, adult cats who love chicken, adult cats who love salmon, indoor cats to senior cats; and this premium range is specially formulated to help support their immune systems, help with hairball control, help burn fat, help maintain healthy muscle tone, and to help promote healthy digestion too! Iams is also formulated with antioxidants that play a key role in minimising the damage to cells, and also flaunts levels of moderately fermentable fibre that’s absolutely crucial to promote intestinal health. The Iams brand prides itself in their highly-palatable kibbles, and insists on rigorous inspection of their ingredients, with more than 120 quality assurance tests run on ALL Iams cat food … now that’s amazing! Go ahead and treat your fabulous felines to a FURbulous meal.

What country is Iams cat food from?

Most Iams cat food is manufactured in the United States, with manufacturing facilities located in Ohio, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

Who founded Iams?

Paul Iams, an animal nutritionist who graduated from The Ohio State University, and Paul Iams founded Iams in 1946. He also developed the world's first animal-based protein dry dog food and called it Iams 999.

What does Iams stand for?

Iams stands for Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences.

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