Refill for Kunduchi Cat Scratching Post

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Cats absolutely adore to sink their nails into our furniture! And don’t we know it.

So shield your furniture and provide your cats with an appropriate place to scratch and claw.

The Kunduchi Cat Scratching Refill Post serves as a super-duper convenient refill for the Kunduchi Cat Scratching Post. Once the original cardboard insert becomes worn; simply replace it with the refill.

It’s also environmentally friendly, made from highly durable and corrugated cardboard, and comes with a pack of glorious catnip too! 


Refill for KUNDUCHI SCRATCHING POST with velcro straps is available on ePETstore!

  • Provides your cat with an appropriate place to scratch - thus great for protecting your furniture
  • Made from durable corrugated cardboard
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Comes with a pack of catnip included
  • Reversible and cost-effective - so when worn out, simply flip the scratching post over


  1. Simply rub the catnip provided into the perforated cardboard post. 
  2. When worn, turn the board around with the reverse side facing up. 

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