Purl Freshness Deodorant Spray for Dogs and Cats

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Moisturize cracked, dry and stinky skin and coats with the fragrant Purl Freshness Deodorant Spray. Removes unwanted odours and leaves their coats with a comforting baby powder smell. Suitable for cats and dogs to indulge in, this product is great to use for grooming before a show too. 

What’s more - The Purl Freshness Deodorant Spray can last for days, and flaunt five star customer reviews.

  • Fresh baby powder fragrance
  • Rids dogs and cats from unwanted odours caused by bacteria
  • Softens and smoothes skin
  • Helps skin & coat retain moisture and reduces irritation
  • Moisturising, conditioning deodorant spray for dogs and cats
  • 200 ml bottle


  1. Spray on coat until just moist
  2. Brush and groom
  3. Ensure spray doesn’t come into contact with eyes
  4. If it does, rinse with warm water

Apply Purl Freshness Spray to the coat to just moisten it, then groom using a brush. This quickly gets rid of odours, moisturises the coat and skin and leaves dogs sweet-smelling.

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