Mini Grooming Set for Small Pets

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Small pets with long coats can easily fall victim to knots, knits, mats and tangles. That’s why this Mini Grooming Set from Rosewood is a must-have to turn any guinea pig into a GORGEOUS guinea pig etc.

This top-notch and practical mini grooming set includes a mini double-sided comb, a mini slicker brush and a mini soft brush all with a super-duper comfortable grip to make grooming an absolute ease.

So brush out coat and emotional issues today – as grooming helps reinforce those special bonds too!

  • Suitable for small pets
  • Set includes:
    • Mini Double-Sided Comb: great for teasing out knots and tangles in longer coats
    • Mini Slicker Brush: excellent at clearing dead and matted hair (especially from the undercoat)
    • Mini Soft Brush: ideal for promoting a healthy and glossy coat
  • Brushes flaunt comfortable grips that make grooming a breeze
  • Grooming helps reinforce your small pet and small pet-parent bond too

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