Outward Hound Rip Stop Life Jacket for Dogs

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The Outward Hound Life Jacket for dogs, comfortable and easy to fit, keeps your dog afloat and head above water. The strong, multi-handle fitted on the back of the jacket makes for easy rescue and the bright orange and reflective accents ensures your precious pup is highly visible in the water.

  • Top grab handles for secure & easy rescue
  • Front float keeps your pup's head above water
  • Reflective accents and bright colours for high visibility
  • Adjustable straps and neoprene belly band for comfortable and secure fit

A must have for

  • Puppies or older dogs – to give them the extra stamina & confidence needed to really enjoy their swim
  • Boating dogs – accidents happen and makes the dog visible to other boaters and able to float in case they are disorientated
  • Dogs swimming in rivers & sea – currents & waves can be a danger to the strongest of canine water babies
  • Any dog that loves a long swim – keeps them safe in case they overestimated their swimming abilities and become tired
  • Dogs with low body fat – the life jacket will give them the extra buoyancy they need to swim safely
  • Our dog life vests are designed for maximum functionality and safety, offering buoyancy, comfort and ease of use.

Check out the Outward Hound sizing guide to ensure the right size for a safe fit.

Use the measurements below to choose the correct size for your dog. Chest is the most important measurement. 

Always choose the next size up if you dog is between sizes.

X-Small 2 – 6.5 kg 26.5 cm + 15 – 20 cm 28 – 38 cm
Small 6.5 – 13.5  kg 26.5 cm + 20 – 25 cm 40 – 50 cm
Medium 13.5 – 25 kg 32 cm + 25.5 – 35.5  cm 53 – 68.5 cm
Large 25 – 38.5 kg 37 cm + 35.5 – 46 cm + 71 – 81 cm
X-Large 38.5 – 45 kg 49.5 cm + 34 cm + 84 – 101 cm

*Base of neck to base of tail.


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