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Pet Corrector Spray for Dogs

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Is your neighbour’s dog almost as annoying as they are? Does their dog party all night long? Bark at every cat, bird, bee and mosquito?  The Pet Corrector Spray is probably the answer you were craving!

It helps stop unwanted behaviour in dogs in a humane way, by emitting a blast of compressed air that makes a loud hissing sound. 

This sound distracts them, making this spray a great tool to use to stop other annoying habits like unwanted barking, chasing, stealing and jumping up on your face, back, shoulder, friends and family too.

  • Interrupts unwanted behaviour
  • You control the timing of the correction
  • Animals are deterred by the sound
  • Works with compressed air


It’s important that the Pet Corrector only be used under the guidance of a qualified behaviourist, so as not to traumatize or frighten your dog thus leading to other anxiety related behaviours. This product shouldn’t be used on a long term basis.



200 ml = 200 uses per can
50 ml = 50 uses per can




  • A free training guide is included with helpful tips and key do's and don'ts.
  • You control the blast so you know the timing of your corrections will always be right.
  • Reward your dog immediately once he has stopped the bad behaviour.


It is important that the Pet Corrector is used cautiously and responsibly, so as not to traumatize or frighten your dog.

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