Cheese Chase Toy for Cats

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Treat your phenomenal feline with the Cheese Chase cat toy! This cat toy is a hit with cats and provides them with three exciting activities to pique their interest:

Activity #1 - plush catnip infused mouse on a spring - perfect for your cat to swat and swat again AND attracts your cat to the toy.

Activity #2 - translucent ball track - because the ball in the toy goes round and round for hours of chasing fun and feline entertainment.

Activity #3 - Swiss Cheese centre offers the grandest of challenges, and with another added ball for your cat to chase, their interest in increased - making it the perfect activity for the most inquisitive of cats.

The Cheese Chase cat toy is a great cat toy and puzzle for your cat to own and enjoy.

  • 3 fun and exhilarating kitty activities (for three times the fun)
  • Great cat toy & puzzle for an inquisitive cat 
  • Benefits your cat’s mental & physical health
  • Toy is 30cm x 30cm

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