Fresh Breath Mint Stick Toy for Cats

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This breathtaking (pun intended) mint infused cat toy is a great toy to freshen up that kitty breath.

With durable netting to remove soft tartar as your cat chews, this spectacular green dental stick is also a great shape for your cat to bat, swat, throw and carry.

Fascinating fact - Mint is a cousin to catnip and is appealing to most cats, making this cat toy enchanting, advantageous, and a great choice for your cat to play with.

Tip: Press and roll centre to release more mint scent

  • Filled with sweet smelling MINT to freshen your cat’s breath with every chew
  • Durable netting (that won’t unravel) helps remove soft tartar to enhance dental health
  • Mint is a cousin of catnip and is appealing to most cats
  • Relieves boredom & delight for your cat to bat and carry around the house
  • Benefits your cat’s dental, mental & physical health
  • Toy is 11cm

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