Shoo-Fly Spray Fly Repellent for Dogs

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A pleasant smelling solution which contains permethrin, esbiothrin, piperonyl butoxide and aromatic oils for effective protection against all flies, especially biting flies. For dogs and horses.

Act 36/1947 Reg No. G2777

First brush the coat to remove dirt and dust, then spray or wipe onto the animals' body and ears. For horses: legs, flanks and shoulders should receive special attention. Use caution when applying near the eyes - rather wipe there than spray. SHOO-FLY Ointment is available for application to sensitive areas like face and ears.

Contains 1% Permethrin (a long-acting repellent), 0,35% Esbiothrin (instant knock-down), 1,5% Piperonyl butoxide and aromatic oils in a pleasant-smelling base.

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