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Silvervine Plush Balls Cat Toy

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If your cat has decided that catnip is so last season - then spruce up their lives with these Silvervine Plush Balls for cats

With an exciting plush exterior for that realistic prey-feel and silvervine interior (stronger than catnip) - your cat is bound to get off the couch and enjoy a playful and very active afternoon.

  • Non - toxic plant based toy
  • Great for interactive play too
  • Plush exterior for a more realistic “prey-like” fee
  • Stimulates exercise and activates their natural hunting instincts
  • Contains Silvervine (a natural, more intense alternative to catnip)
  • Each pack contains 2 plush balls

Grown in Japan, this non-toxic and very natural herb is a much more intense (and longer lasting) alternative to catnip. Silvervine inspires those inner tigers and raging clowns to come to life for approximately five to twenty minutes. It’s a hoot, all the rage and definitely worth a try!

5.5 cm in diameter

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