Cat Litter

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Premium quality, silica gel cat litter with odour locking technology VET TIP Indoor ..
R75.00 Ex Tax: R65.79
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Each bag is 5kg Premium quality, clumping clay litter. ..
R95.01 Ex Tax: R83.34
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3.2kg/8L bag GreenPower, Cat’s Best most advanced, biodegradable cat litter is ..
R220.50 Ex Tax: R193.42
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Cat’s Best Nature GOLD Clumping Cat Litter, made from natural, organic, wood fibres,..
R178.50 Ex Tax: R156.58
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Looking for a biodegradable cat litter that really works? Cat’s Best ÖkoPl..
R126.00 Ex Tax: R110.53
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Let kitty answer the call of nature with this environmentally friendly and SUPER absorbent..
R159.94 Ex Tax: R140.30
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A replacement cat  litter tray for your Scoop Free, self-cleaning cat litter tray. ..
R379.00 Ex Tax: R332.46
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