Drinkwell Fountain Cleaning Kit

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Keep your Drinkwell Fountain crispy clean and free of germs with the Drinkwell Fountain Cleaning Kit. This convenient 3-brush set is super for cleaning the fountain, the pump and prolongs product life. 

LARGE SPONGY BRUSH - ideal for soaping up the fountain sides and bowl
MEDIUM BRISTLE BRUSH - helps easily clean any other part of the fountain
TINY FLEXI BRUSH - effortlessly clears debris, build-up and other nasties from the pump

  • Suitable for all Drinkwell fountains
  • Vinyl wrap protects wire from rusting
  • Plastic handle is designed and molded for comfort
  • Cleaning your fountain is hygienic, and prolongs product life
  • 3 different brush sizes allow for easy access to uniquely shaped Drinkwell Pet Fountain parts


Cleaning your Drinkwell Pet Fountain every one to two weeks with soapy water, ensures proper function and prolonged product life of your Drinkwell Pet Fountain. Remember to thoroughly clean the fountain, inside cavity and pump. ALWAYS unplug the fountain before cleaning.



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