Supa-Chew Bone Rope Dog Toy with 1 Ball

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Cotton bone rope toy with 1 ball that is durable for safe play and beneficial to the health of your dog’s teeth, cleaning with every bite, for a fresher, healthier mouth. Hand made by disabled and disadvantaged individuals in Western Cape Communities. Made from 100% cotton.


Don't forget to keep an eye on the quality of your rope toy. Over time, even the strongest ropes will break down. If the knots have come undone or some of the material has been shredded then it's time to retire the toy. Make sure you check that your dog has not damaged or destroyed the ball as bits and pieces can break off over time which can harm your dog if swallowed. The safest way to keep an eye on these is to avoid leaving your dog alone with the rope, that way you will know immediately if he's won the war with his favourite toy.


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