Eye Wash for Dogs, Cats & Horses

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Your dog or cat may get foreign objects such as sand, grass or sticks in their eyes from time to time. The faster they are flushed out, the less chance there is of permanent damage or scratches to the cornea.

Kyron eye wash for dogs and cats, in a dropper bottle, is an easy to use eye solution to flush out, clean and soothe the eye. The isotonic solution means that the chemicals in the wash are balanced to those in your pet’s eye and will not cause burning or irritation when applied into the eye.

This eye wash is very handy to have around the house at all times.

  • Safe, non-irritating eye wash 
  • Used to soothe, clean and examine the eye properly
  • Easy to use dropper bottle 
  • Always handy to have in case of emergencies
  • For use in dogs, cats and horses
  • 30 ml bottle

Dosage and directions for use

Put a few drops into your pet’s eye as often as required to soothe the eye, or as directed by your vet 

Use liberally to clean debris and dirt from the eye until the fluid from the eye runs clear and no more foreign matter is seen in the eye

Can be used in dogs, cats and horses

Reg. No. G1929 Act 36/194

Sodium bicarbonate 0.31%, Boric acid 0.31%, Sodium Chloride 0.31%, Glycerin 1.25%, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.01%, Purified water to 100%

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