Sumo Mini Fit Bone Dog Toy

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The Sumo Mini Fit Bone dog toy is specially designed for puppies (and small dogs) to provide them with a toy they can call their own, mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Made from super duper strong rubber, it’s durable without breaking the bank, their teeth or injuring those gums. Leaving them free to smile when all the energy is released and boredom lifted.

Great for fetch, awesome for tug and improved the relationship between pet-parent and dog!

  • Specially designed for puppies and small dogs
  • It’s durable, made from super duper strong rubber
  • Great for fetch and to chuck around the garden and/or park
  • Awesome for a game of tug thanks to the exhilarating rope attached
  • Unique shape also creates a surprise effect to keep you dog entertained
  • Gives your dog some extra exercise over the standard dog toy
  • Summary – it’s stunning to keep doggy brains and doggy bodies active

11 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm


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