Deodorising Cleaning Wipes For Dogs And Cats

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Too cool to struggle? We hear you, and bathtime can be the worst! So when you’re in a pinch, these pet-cleaning wipes from M Pets are an absolute must.

These wipes will help remove dirt, smells and make your pet’s skin and coat feel soft, moisturized and awesome. IDEAL for everyday use, there’s truly no reason not to invest.

  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Hypoallergenic and easy-to-use pet-cleaning wipes
  • Ideal for everyday use to help freshen pet coats, lift dirt and remove smells between baths
  • Wipes come in a plastic pack that holds 40 wipes
  • Leaves their skin and coats hydrated and clean
  • Natural product that contains NO added alcohol and chemicals

Avocado | Anti-bacterial | Coconut | Bamboo
15 x 20cm
40 wipes per pack

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