Rollin Rodent Sand Bath

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Turn your ravishing rodent into a radiant rodent, and let them enjoy this Rollin’ Rodent Sand Bath from Rosewood.

OF COURSE, in the wild, sand baths form part of their natural behaviour, and are vital in maintaining a clean and healthy coat. 

AND what better way for them to do, what their bodies know how to do best, than with this little edible tub. It comes with sepiolite sand that is MUCH softer on their coats, and helps absorb excess oil too.

  • Suitable for Degus, Gerbils, Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters
  • Made from natural and edible materials (vs. your traditional metal / plastic bath trays)
  • Bath tray is made from editable board, covered in meadow hay
  • Comes with special sepiolite bathing sand included (that’s softer on your pet's fur and helps to absorb excess oils)
  • Dust / sand baths form part of their natural behaviour and plays an important role in the maintenance of their coats

Approx 19 x 12 x 8cm

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