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Tennis balls have always been a hit with our crazy canines, so why not spoil them with the..
R90.80 Ex Tax: R78.96
Let your dog be as proud as a peacock, with these beautiful birds by his side! Great fo..
R151.31 Ex Tax: R131.57
The Plush Friendz Furry dog toys are perfect for indoor play –  they’re s..
R176.54 Ex Tax: R153.51
If your patience is maxed out for the day, but your dog insists on chewing the squeakiest ..
R146.27 Ex Tax: R127.19
The Push to Mute Owl dog toy is an absolute hoot! Simply pull the nylon string firmly t..
R166.46 Ex Tax: R144.75
The Push to Mute Regular Ball dog toy is made with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) that’s..
R131.12 Ex Tax: R114.02
The Push to Mute Rugby Ball dog toy is great to spruce up any mundane Monday and superb to..
R141.23 Ex Tax: R122.81
There’s no denying how much our dogs love toys that squeak, but even the best dog-pa..
R146.27 Ex Tax: R127.19
The snazzy little guy is perfect for indoor and outdoor play.  Fitted with a squea..
R161.40 Ex Tax: R140.35
If your lap is in dire need of rest, then provide your pets with a new, soft and secure sn..
R327.84 Ex Tax: R285.08
Special toys for our smallest dogs to enjoy! Every petite-pooch-parent is well aware that ..
R85.74 Ex Tax: R74.56
These Crazy Ball dog toys are just crazy cool and bound to brighten up anyone’s day...
R90.80 Ex Tax: R78.96
Let your cat step into the future with the most incredible Feather Hider Pet Droid cat toy..
R363.16 Ex Tax: R315.79
Made from easy to wash and durable TPR (thermoplastic rubber) – the Johnny Stic..
R171.50 Ex Tax: R149.13
Double the size - double the fun! Spoil your dog with this big and spectacular Jumball wit..
R252.21 Ex Tax: R219.31
Take throw and catch outdoor play to a whole new level with the Let’s Fly Duck dog t..
R181.57 Ex Tax: R157.89
Treat your high-powered pooch with the Let’s Fly Squirrel dog toy. Made from durable..
R176.54 Ex Tax: R153.51
The Melody Chaser cat toy range boasts a motion activated sound clip to create a distinctl..
R100.99 Ex Tax: R87.82
This innovative cat toy brilliantly resembles the real deal - a moving mouse. With a sound..
R268.99 Ex Tax: R233.90
Looking for stunning small soft toys for sensational small dogs? Look no further - introdu..
R95.84 Ex Tax: R83.34
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